How Garden Fountains Work

How Garden Fountains Work

Garden fountains are made up of four basic components - an electrical source, a water pump, a water tube, and (of course) water.

The electrical source can come from batteries, like our 4-in-1 Fountain Towers, or a UL power cord, like our Calvari Fountain. This electrical component will give power to the pump.

Inside the pump there is a small fan-like piece called the impeller. The impeller spins, picking up the water and pushing it up through the water tube.

The water tube transports the water from the pump to the spout, creating the beautiful water fountain effect.

And of course, you can’t have a water fountain without water. When adding water to your water fountain, be sure it completely submerges the pump.

Now that you know how a water fountain works, you can see the importance of having a clean pump. If the impeller in the pump can not move freely, the water will not flow or move up the water tube.


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