Why Choose to Bottom Water?

Bottom watering has become a recent trend within the gardening community. Bottom watering is exactly what it sounds like - watering your plants from the bottom versus the top. 

When bottom watering, the water will soak through the plant starting from bottom of the roots and eventually reaching the top of the soil. Bottom watering can be beneficial to plants that may be sensitive to cold water sitting on its leaves, such as the African Violet.  Bottom watering also helps with root rot by not letting the root soak in water for too long. The lack of stagnant water also helps with the prevention of insects laying eggs in the soil, or generally hanging out in the soil altogether. 

Our newest fountain, the Torri, is the perfect water fountain for bottom watering. The built-in timer can be set daily for 1-4 hours depending on how much water your plant needs. This is a great alternative to bottom watering your plants in a bath tub or other water containers, as you are not obligated to transfer the plant between a watering station and non-watering station.  

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