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40' Coiled Metal Garden Hose®

40' Coiled Metal Garden Hose®

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The Coiled Metal Garden Hose® literally puts itself away, flying back to its holder like a spring! When the coil relaxes, its shrinks to half its size for easy storage. This classic design has been renovated with modern Metal Garden Hose® technology. Featuring durable 304-grade stainless steel construction that is UV and corrosion-resistant, this lightweight, flexible hose stays cooler in the sun than other hoses and won't kink or puncture. Drag it through your rose bushes or around metal fences without worry! What sets our metal hoses apart from others on the market is our patented Power Coupler, which allows the hose to pass a 90-degree pull test, which would cause other metal hoses to break. Included is a twist-style plastic fireman nozzle that can tackle all your watering needs, from a fine mist to water delicate plants to a powerful spray that is great for washing the car or cleaning concrete.

  • Utilizes SpiroShield ® 304 stainless steel construction
  • Twist on/off adjustable spray nozzle
  • Kink-free design
  • Measures approximately 1-1/4"Diam

NOTE on Hose Sizes. The Lite and Expanding series have a diameter of 1/2" (4/8"), the Original, Pro series and Colored series have a diameter of 5/8", and the XL series has a diameter of 3/4".

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