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Bernini Fountains

Amore Hybrid Fountain, Bird Feeder & Planter

Amore Hybrid Fountain, Bird Feeder & Planter

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A combination of a high-capacity rechargeable battery and solar energy makes this fountain last longer while still remaining cordless and easy to place anywhere in your garden or patio. Original artist design. Three tiers of cascading water with a Rechargeable and cordless design. 'Amore' means love in Italian and pays tribute to the famous Love Locks left on bridges in Italy. The Ponte Sant'Angelo is a famous bridge in Rome that has a lovely lattice pattern that holds the Love Locks left behind - the lattice pattern on Bernini's Amore Fountain is inspired by this beautiful bridge! No plumbing or wiring is required. This fountain wants to lock in a place in your garden and throw away the key! Just add water and push a button to enjoy your fountain from that day onwards!
Shipping is currently not available outside the US.

  • Hybrid Solar and Battery power
  • Infinity pool, bird feeder, and Planter attachment
  • Dancing waters finial
  • 200 days of running with solar charging
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