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Bernini Fountains

Calcata Dancing Waters Fountain

Calcata Dancing Waters Fountain

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The Calcata is the most unique corded fountain from Bernini. Featuring three individual pumps that articulate six different programmable dancing water shows. Water bounces playfully from the top of the fountain, and then beautifully trickles down onto the basin plate. Making this fantastic glistening look in the sunlight, the rolling nature of the water combined with the baseplate also limits water waste by diminishing the effects of evaporation and over-spraying. You do not need to refill the fountain as often as others that are not covered. This fountain is also corded, which means it will run all the time, or if you'd like you can program it to run at certain times during the day on a timer. 

  • 6 Programmable Shows
  • 31" Tall x 20" Wide
  • Polyresin, with GRC Concrete centerpiece
  • The water bounces playfully
  • Less evaporation and no splashing outside of the bowl
  • Corded for 24/7 running
  • Timer for automatic daily running


The Calcata was designed to evoke the nature of the Italian village it is named after. Nestled on top of a hill, the old village from North Lazio rises above the valley in the area, it's prominently displayed. Much like the city water and life rises above the singular upward sculpture on the fountain.

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