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Catanzaro Hybrid Instant Fountain

Catanzaro Hybrid Instant Fountain

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For the first time, the one-of-a-kind fountain tower is paired with innovative hybrid technology. The Catanzaro is the first of our Hybrid series to feature as a fountain tower. These fountains utilize our cordless battery compartment technology and come with a solar panel that can extend the battery life of your fountain exponentially. The Catanzaro has two distinct looks, the four-spout traditional waterfall side, and the tranquil infinity pool look with its smooth sounds of flowing water. Choose your favorite and stick with it, or switch it up whenever you want. It's so easy to change the look just by turning the tower over! One of our most innovative fountains ever, the Catanzaro is an exquisite garden beauty of innovative design.

  • Includes 3-in-1 Final Bird Feeder, Planter, and Infinity Pool
  • 200 days of battery life with solar charging
  • Includes Spray Tips for different kinds of fountain sprays
  • Measures approximately 12" tall and 7" wide
  • For indoor or outdoor use, solar is only applicable during outdoor use
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