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Bernini Fountains

FlexEnd Watering Wand

FlexEnd Watering Wand

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The Bernini FlexEnd Watering Wand is the ultimate watering wand, providing a host of uses like no other. This flexible wand gives you the long reach you need, but with the added benefit of flexibility that allows you to use it in a variety of ways. Flex End Memory Technology allows it to not only be bent into any position but to hold its shape. Straighten the wand for high reach, bend it to clean hard-to-reach areas, wrap it around a tree branch to spray down from above, or bend it into a sprinkler that can point in any direction. It connects to any hose, making it great for patios, cars, and more.

The Bernini FlexEnd Watering Wand includes an adjustable fireman nozzle that lets you control the spray, from a powerful stream that can be used for concrete washing to a fine mist that is perfect for watering delicate plants. It also features a durable PVC/Nylon casing that is easy to grip and cool to the touch.

  • 31" length, Outer Diameter 1.25", Inner Diameter 5/8"
  • Adjustable Fireman Nozzle
  • Connects to any garden hose
  • Billet Aluminum connections
  • Flex End Memory Technology
  • Bends to any position and holds it
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