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Bernini Fountains

Garda Cordless Fountain

Garda Cordless Fountain

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This is one of our best fountains that was built with birds specifically in mind! From the calm bubbler at the top of the fountain where running water gives them a clean birdbath from a lack of stagnant water. To the lowered moat on the basin gives them a perfect ledge to grab a snack from. You will love this fountain just as much as your feathered fellows as the four water spouts play a soothing song of a little waterfall. The lightweight frame and cordless design allow you to easily place this fountain anywhere. Whether you place it where it best suits the birds or yourself!
  • Comes with dancing waters spray tip or bubbler option
  • Exterior Moat that can be used for a birdfeeder
  • Runs on a daily 1-4 hour repeat timer
  • Cordless
  • Lithium-Ion battery lasts up to a month and a half between charges
  • weighs under 30 lbs
  • 31" tall and 19" in diameter
  • Comes with leveling shims
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