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Bernini Fountains

Mighty Power Shovel

Mighty Power Shovel

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The Bernini Power Shovel is unlike any other shovel. Allowing you to use additional force to shovel areas where other shovels fail.  Using your own strength, the Bernini Power Shovel will assist you in not only digging in hard ground areas but will also help you in breaking down obstacles such as roots, rocks, bricks, wood, and tile. The Bernini Power Shovel can be used as an impact shovel or can be used as a traditional shovel. You will find the Bernini Power Shovel will be a great addition to your gardening tools.

  • EZ Root Guide makes it easy to lineup and cuts through roots
  • The twistable handle makes it easy to turn and empty
  • The cold-rolled steel shovel head is super durable
  • Locks on either end of the slide for a long handle or short handle shovel option
  • Comes with a bag for transportation or storage
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