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Bernini Fountains

Solar Panel Attachment for Instant Fountains

Solar Panel Attachment for Instant Fountains

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This solar panel is compatible with our Hybrid Instant Fountain Battery Compartments. The Catanzaro is the first fountain tower in our Hybrid series, but the replacement 2-Button Battery Compartment with Connection Port is also compatible with this solar panel. The solar panel extends the battery life of your fountain exponentially by running on solar power when the sun is out and only using the batteries if the panel is not getting sun.

  • Extend past 200 days of battery life with solar charging
  • You must run a cord out of the fountain and bowl to the solar panel
  • Fountain will still run on the daily timer, but will only use battery power when sunlight is not on the panel
  • Solar panel powers the fountain but does not charge batteries for extended life
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