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Bernini Fountains

Three Muse Fountain Tower

Three Muse Fountain Tower

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The Bernini Three Muses Fountain Tower is a battery-operated fountain that can be placed into any of your favorite containers, whether it be a decorated bucket or birdbath, the possibilities are endless. Three Muses draped with cloth hang off the sides in a circular fashion. The three feminine figureheads are of a leisurely disposition, their body language is as relaxed as laying in bed or on a picnic blanket on a sunny day. Of the three, the twins share a near indistinguishable figure until more care is taken to look at the details. While both have their hands placed behind their head, the two portray completely different personalities through their garb and expression. Whilst the third reaches across as if she is grasping for the one that is closest to her. We cannot wait to see how you decide to customize your Fountain Tower. Three Muses draped with cloth hang off the sides in a circular fashion. An internal pump moves water up through its base creating a soothing water sound and effect.

  • A built-in timer allows you to select the fountain to run for 1 or 4 hours at the same time every day.
  • Requires four D batteries.
  • No plumbing or wiring is required. 
  • Some assembly required assembles in less than 5 minutes.
  • Measures at approximately 7"Length x 7.5"Width  x 12.5" Height. Weight 4.5 lbs
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