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Bernini Fountains

Windless Wind Spinner

Windless Wind Spinner

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A wind spinner that doesn't require wind? That's right! The Bernini Windless Wind Spinner will continue to liven up your yard with movement and beauty on the calmest sunny days. This beautiful 22" diameter wind spinner has a specially designed clutch that allows it to spin freely in the wind, but when the wind dies down, a solar panel kicks in to provide power and keep the spinner going. Add a bright burst of color to your yard with this stunning 74" tall wind spinner in your choice of three color options - Primary, Metallic, or Peacock. 5 spikes keep it anchored to the ground.

  • Specially designed clutch automatically switches between wind and solar power as needed
  • Durable metal blades with bright and long-lasting color
  • Sturdy metal pole with 5 spikes to anchor to ground
  • 22" diameter and 74" tall
  • No internal batteries, so they must have either a breeze or direct exposure to the sun to move

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