Gardening Zones and Why It’s Important to Know Yours

When first starting to garden, it can be overwhelming to sort through all the different plants and varying advice from experienced gardeners. The best place to start before you start buying plants and fertilizer is knowing your Gardening Zone, also known as the Hardiness Zone. The Hardiness Zone is the grouping of regions associated with their climate. For example if two areas experience the same amount of rain and similar temperatures throughout the year, the two regions will likely be grouped together in the same Hardiness Zone.

 The importance of the Hardiness Zone is knowing which plants may take root and blossom or die within a few days or weeks. Some plants have a wider range of zones than others, but most will not thrive outside of their Hardiness Zone. Although you can control the water it takes for them to live in homeostasis, it’s much harder to control the temperature and humidity levels outside and even within your own home. So if you’re just starting your garden or you have a certain plant that keeps dying, check your Hardiness Zone and aim for plants that have been proven to grow well in your environment.  

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