gardening tips from Bernini

What Should I be doing this Month in my Garden?

We’ve already made it to MARCH (!) and spring is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to prep our gardens. This month the focus should be on your soil and prepping the area for your upcoming garden. Here’s some quick tips on getting your garden soil ready for the upcoming season. 

As soon as the ground thaws, start clearing debris and weeds from your garden area. You’ll need the area to be clean and free of obstacles for your garden to grow effortlessly. This will also help deter rodents from seeking refuge in your garden. 

Once your garden area has been cleared, you’ll begin to till the ground. This just means loosening the soil, either with an actual till or you can also use a shovel, although it may be more time consuming. 

While you’re tilling the soil, make sure to add any additives to the soil you may have. This can include compost or fertilizer. Adding the organic matter as you till will ensure it’s properly mixed throughout the soil.  

Be sure to take extra care when prepping your garden soil. This is the make it or break it step for your upcoming spring garden and will have you set up for success as the weather gets warmer.

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