Installing an outdoor fountain from Bernini

How to Install an Outdoor Fountain

Bernini’s outdoor water fountains can be installed effortlessly. Unlike other garden fountains that require plumbing or electrical work, you can install ours on your own and it only take minutes to install.

Bernini offers three different types of fountains. Our Fountain Towers take "AA" or "D" sized batteries. Our larger fountains use a rechargeable battery. Lastly, we have a more traditional plug-in fountain perfect for families that want a 24/7 running fountain.

Our Fountain Tower installation is probably the easiest to maintain. The Fountain Towers either require “AA” batteries or “D” sized batteries, depending on the model. Once installed properly in the battery compartment, you’ll just need to connect the pump to the water tube and set the timer function. You can use the convenience of the daily timer function, so no need to turn on the fountain as the fountain will automatically turn on the next day at the same time. 

Our larger battery operated fountains use a rechargeable battery. To install these fountains, its recommend to fully charge the battery for 10-16 hours depending upon the battery type. While the battery is charging, you’ll assemble the rest of the fountain, including the exterior parts, pump, connection port, and the A/B/C/D Switch, if it is not already installed. Once the battery is fully charged and the fountain is fully assembled, you’ll connect the battery to the connection port and be able to enjoy your fountain for 1-4 hours a day depending on how long you set your fountain's timer. Keep in mind, with any fountain using a battery, it’s not recommended to consistently run the fountain for more than four hours a day. Running the fountain consistently over the 4 hour time limit will shorten the lifespan of the battery.

If you are looking for a fountain to run 24/7, or close to it, we recommend a traditional plug-in fountain. These fountains have a pump that is connected to a 6 to 9 foot cord that plugs in to a standard outlet. After assembling the exterior parts, connecting the pump to the water tube, and plugging your fountain in, you're set to run your fountain for as long as you’d like.

Installing a garden fountain is fairly simple.  However, if you need visual guidance, we have a plethora of video tutorials (click here), or you can call/email our customer care team (click here)

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