How to Prevent Algae from Invading Your Fountain

How to Prevent Algae from Invading Your Fountain

Algae prevention is the number one question we get here at Bernini. Algae is a living plant that typically grows fully submerged in water. Growth of algae accelerates in a water fountain sitting in the sun, so much so it can clog the pump and tubes, making it difficult for the fountain to operate. There are some simple steps to take to ensure your fountain is algae free and running in tip top shape.

First and foremost - location, location, location! Algae thrives in bright sunny areas. If possible, place your outdoor fountain in a shaded area. However, don’t fret if you have your heart set on a sunny, bright placement for your fountain. We have some other sure fire algae stopping tips!

Cleaning your fountain on a regular basis is a sure way to combat algae formation. You’ll need to completely empty out your fountain and use a soft cloth to clean the parts of the fountain that typically hold water, this will include the basin and middle tier. If you’d like to use a mild soap, make sure to thoroughly rinse the fountain to keep the water clean for wildlife.

Lastly, there are a plethora of water additives to keep your fountain clear of algae. Although there are some home remedies, like adding bleach or vinegar to the water, I highly recommend against these options. The additives that are sold through your local hardware store are usually animal safe. Be sure the read the packaging.

 These three simple tips will keep your fountain water clear and your pump clean for years to come. If you do find yourself needing to clean your water pump, click here to see a video tutorial.  

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